Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Canine Photography

Quality pet photography is a growing interest among a number of animal lovers today. Specifically, dog photography is really an art in itself.

When planning a shoot with your furry client, especially show dogs, many factors are a concern. The color and texture of the coat, body position, and being able to capture that soft yet alert expression.

I recently met up with future show champion Isabell LeFevre. Izze, as she is more commonly known, comes from a long line of prize winning show dogs.
Her odds are quite favorable to follow in this prestigious line of champions. But does she have what it takes to set herself apart from the rest? I think she does - but I'm just her photographer for the day, not her judge in the show ring.

I feel comfortable around Izze, and I think we have established a comfortable rapport with each other. But it is still foolish to think that a one on one session with an any animal is going to be anything but chaos - so naturally Izze's owner is nearby to deliver commands, authority, and the occasional treat.

Irish Setters are one of the most distinctive Sporting breeds. Known for their silky chestnut or mahogany red coat, these dogs were bred as active, aristocratic bird dogs. Over two feet tall at the shoulder, the Irish is known for their style, powerful movement and clown-like personality! A gentle, lovable animal that is highly intelligent and very energetic. Their gentleness and happy personality make this dog an outstanding therapy dog as well as a loyal companion.

Future sessions with Izze are indeed in her and my future! Can't wait for the warmer weather girl! It's a busy show season ahead.

I think we will be seeing more of Miss Izze in the coming year...................................


Anonymous said...

I think these look great -the lighting and her coat look really nice. Her neck looks unsually long in a few of them though (but that's her body type) so I personally liked the first and last one the best. Does she have to get photoshopped as much as everyone else? -JW

Susan Kozlowski said...

Well, JW - all the ladies like to look their best in the end. (I'm sure you can relate) Canine's are no different! If there is a stray hair, bad clipping job, or unsightly drool - yes photoshop is our friend!


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