Monday, December 15, 2008

Unexpected Moments

Much of my photography revolves around careful planning, methodical preparation, detailed set-up and of course the unexpected moments.

Many of these moments often lead to the immediate fate of the delete button.
But, some can add interest to the photography session.

I often work with animals - and like they say with animals and children, you can expect the unexpected.

That can be part of the challenge - and it can lead to some very interesting and spontaneous moments.

Our lives (at times) appear to be controlable.
We carefully plan and systematically arrange details to acheive our desired well prepared results.

But why not welcome the unplanned and sometimes encourage it......

It may be that added spice that's missing from the carefully thought out recipe.

Embrace the unexpected!

1 comment:

Anne T. Phinney said...

I am just figuring out how your blog works! Love these 'surprise' photos, especially Betty and Sophia! Too cute. Will be poking around a lot more in here. Love your Hawaii pics.


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