Sunday, December 21, 2008

Miracle on 34th, nope, MY Street

Yes, I do believe in miracles. I had one happen to me this week and nothing is going to get me down because of it. (Not even getting my wallet stolen in Brussels 2 days ago).

Losing a pet can be a very scary experience. I can assure you! When my Siamese cat decided to sneak out of the house this week without anyone knowing, I was pretty quick to notice him missing early in the day. A massive search ensued, with the help of some dear friends, which lasted into the night. Slight panic set in when a winter storm that was forecast had started to materialize.

Okay, we are taking about a pampered indoor, declawed cat, that spends his days curled up on an electric heating pad!

With only a 2 hour break from 4am - 6am, the search continued with the rising sun and a layer of snow from the night before. We got word that neighbors down the street witnessed their 2 labs chasing a cat the evening before. oh no.

As I walked down the road putting flyer's in mailboxes - I decided to walk along some thick bush along the main road. After many unsuccessful attempts following an assortment of animal tracks throughout the morning (most likely hungry fox tracts!), I saw some small tracks that led to the the thicket of brush. With a weary call to my cat and a shake of a bell from his favorite toy - I heard a faint meow. I continued to call to him and he continued to answer me. As I searched further I noticed a hole under the brush and the meows from coming from this dark hole. I knew it was him - was he injured?

With further encouragement - my 9lb Simon appeared! And quite dry to my surprise - my prayers were answered.

Yes, I do believe in miracles........................

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