Friday, November 21, 2008

Role Playing

While we are on the topic of role playing, let me share another session that was a lot of fun. This series is called Stable Boy and Riding Princess. After a great photo session with this couple, I asked if they would like to put together a scenario and do some role playing.

First we have a beautiful, classic equestrian and her horse - both impeccably groomed. Followed by her often ignored hunky stable hand.
The scene plays out with the aloof "riding princess" going about her day, with her trusty "stable boy" always at her side, admiring her every move.

Some chemisty there? Well, definitely on his part, but riding princess is too self absorbed to notice at first. (As with all hunky stable boys, he will eventually get her attention! )
Our session rapped up just as the sun was setting, perfect timing.

And like all well played out fairy tales - the boy eventually gets the girl! For now..................

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