Monday, November 24, 2008

Playing for the Camera

There are times when the photographer and model calaberate on a scenerio, and then there are times when it just happens on it's own.

I love this, it's spontaneous and real!
This couple I photographed were golden in front of the camera. The funny thing about it, is that the gentleman was very reluctant to get in the image. His girlfriend is a professional model, so this is second nature for her. He is usually the one behind the camera - taking the pictures. So to convince him to get in front, well.... let's just say, it took some convincing. BUT, I'm soo glad we did. They were BEAUTIFUL together. I love the posing, the tattoos, and the contrast and chemistry between these two.

So to get him to feel more comfortable and less "stiff", his girlfriend started doing some role playing. He was not happy about standing there, so she mimicked him.

He stood his ground and she sweet talked him.

Eventually she worked her charm at softening him up - and sure enough he melted!

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