Monday, February 11, 2013

Photo of the Week 2/10/13

My Photo of the Week was captured on my walk along the promenade in Tel Aviv, Israel.

As I walked along the promenade, my eye is drawn to the Mediterrean Sea to my left. 
The beach, the summerlike temperatures in February, and the crowds of people enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon which is Shabbat, a joyful day of rest.

Although, my eye is now drawn to my right. 
Also enjoying a joyful day of rest, is my photo of the week. 
I could not pass on this wonderful oppurtunity to capture this moment.

What I love about this image is the fascinating graffiti in the background, the bold colors, and well, the perfect unplanned pose (or is it?). 
I just happen to be a walking voyeur with a camera viewing what may be an exhibitionist sunbathing - Voila!

Shabbat is two commandments: to remember and to observe. 
I can loosely say I have observed and remembered.


Anne T. Phinney said...

So this guy is just lying out in the middle of public for all to see? Interesting and of course beautifully captured by you.

Susan Kozlowski said...

Hmmmm, Quite the exhibitionist! But not that bad to look at....just sayin' :-)


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