Monday, May 23, 2011


Red sky at night,
Sailor's delight;
Red sky at morning,
Sailor's warning.

Such wondrous beauty is presented to us by looking at the heavens above.

The beauty of the sky can so easily provoke feelings of serenity and wonder.

Each moment we spend viewing the skyscape above us, offers us a constantly changing scene that at times seems to fly by with a blink of the eye.

The most notable example of this is when you are admiring an amazing sunset.
The closer the sun comes to setting it almost appears to speed up.

It’s at that moment that we want to put time on hold and gaze at the spectacular canvas in front of us.

But with patience, the sun has set and the sky continues to transform our world.

The explosion of colors has just begun!

Hours later, we might forget to look up - but when we do, we are aware that the performance is still active.

Viewing the heavens and giving thanks for the allure it shares with us, is something to make time for.


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