Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Simple Request for a Family Portrait

This past Christmas, my sister asked her family for one special gift.

"Please pose for a family portrait without complaints". Well I'm sure they came in with offers for diamonds, cleaning services, new clothes, state of the art cell phone, just anything but that!

I was born into a family obsessed with photos! We love taking them and we love posing for them. Unfortunately, this passion has not rubbed off on some off-spring or dear loved ones that have come into our camera consumed family.
Well, she got her wish. Her family was quite cooperative, patient, and endured our afternoon photo session.
I think it's quite a feat nowadays, especially with college age children, to get a moment like this together.

Soon Sarah will be heading to Europe for a semester abroad and when she returns, her brother will have graduated college! Kids grow up and sometimes it happens so fast, right before your eyes! This is why my sister's idea for a family portrait was indeed brilliant.

But why let one sister have all the fun. This photo session turned into an ongoing family free for all! Did I mention our love of photos?

Many more family poses.

We put together some great mother/daughter moments.

And some moments with uncontainable energy!

Of course, we needed a shot of Grandma with ALL her grandchildren.

We also had time to let everyone get a chance to express themselves. Whether it was a Gymboree Gansta pose (in argyle for goodness sake!)

Or trying on a selection of hats and scarves, for just that perfect look!

Getting together for these family shots is filled with a lot of craziness and some calm moments.

As I've heard - " Families are like Fudge. Mostly sweet and filled with lots of NUTS!"


Anonymous said...

Love this blog - very nice -the photos are wonderful - I really love the one w/ Mom and the kids- that turned out really nice- thanks again

Anonymous said...

am I allowed to put some of these photos on my FB ?


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