Friday, March 19, 2010

Dog Walk

Every afternoon around 4pm, if you are lucky, you get a chance to see foxhounds go on their daily walk.

It is quite a sight to see this pack of scent hounds coming up over the rolling hills and pastures of this primarily equestrian community.

Even the horse’s take interest in this event. Some may even be experiencing the excited feeling that they get participating in the seasonal hunt with the hounds.

But for now the season has ended and the hounds are still exercised and trained in this daily ritual.

The hounds must stay in a group. They must listen, and stay focused. The older ones are there to teach the young hounds and some are even leashed together to enforce this process of learning.

The American foxhound is a descendant from the English hounds.

They have great stamina for running and giving chase and known for their distinct bay.

Housed in a kennel and living in a pack, it is essential to field walk the dogs. Because of their need for long walks and stimulating exercise, these well cared for hounds can enjoy miles of trails, ponds, dirt roads, hills and fields to stretch their legs and overload their senses! Quite literally!

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